Xi2 Foundation System for Wind Zone I, Component Parts
Concrete Systems
0000000001 -  : Concrete Systems

Will need per setup:
(2) Lateral Struts
(2) Longitudinal Struts
(2) LSD Hardware Kits

• Easy installation
• Stabilizer plates and diagonal frame ties are not required in most set-ups
• Longitudinal stabilization is easily added with Tie Down’s LSD strut kit
• Heavy galvanized coating* on bracket and struts

• Install in any type of soil, 4B (175-275 lbs.) or better
• Maximum vertical projection at sidewall is 9’. Higher walls may be used when the design loads are adjusted accordinly.
• Main rail spacing must be 75.5” - 99.5”.
• Additional vertical anchor ties that are unique to a home’s design may be required by the home manufacturer. These locations may include shear walls, marriage line ridge beam support posts and rim plates. The longitudinal component of the Xi2 System replaces end frame ties. Check manufacturer’s setup requirements.
• Maximum pier height is 48”, except Alabama (max 32”).
• Systems must be placed as evenly as possible - no more than 10’ from end of home.
• Additional systems may be needed for roof slopes greater than 20 degrees, (4.37” in 12” Pitch).
• Two systems designed to work in conjunction with each other.
• Wind Zones II & III requires sidewall anchors. Check manufacturer’s requirements.
*Xi2 components exceed H.U.D. code 3280.307g “Anchoring equipment exposed to weathering shall have a resistance to weather deterioration at least equivalent to that provided by a coating of zinc on steel of not less than 0.30 ounces per square foot of surface coating...”