REVOLV® MG2R 95% AFUE Gas Furnaces
MG2R -  :

MG2R 95% AFUE Single-Stage MH Gas Furnaces

Features and Benefits

• Unique Manufactured Housing Design
with a robust, 193/4"W, fully-insulated cabinet to fit the standard MH footprint; the MG2R is our flagship high-efficiency, HUD-compliant, gas furnace.

• AC-Ready 4-Ton ECM Blower
with 5-speed taps, with/without a factory-installed 20"H coil box; allowing for a field-installed 20"/26"H coil box to suit your capacity and access needs. 

• Quick LP Conversion
with an easy-access gas valve regulator and manifold, using the factory-provided LP orifices included in the unit-literature kit.

• Category IV Venting Approval
allows for vertical or horizontal direct venting using an approved non-metallic two-pipe system for application flexibility.

• Dependable Warranty and Support
handled directly by Style Crest’s dedicated HVAC Team, offering the most competitive warranty coverage and service in the Manufactured Housing Industry.